March 2007 –

US Re (Europe) Basel

Administration of the corporate office in Copenhagen (EU)


June 2004 – Alka Forsikring A/S, Taastrup

Continuation of the work of prosecution and clearing up of existing open issues, run-off of the fronting portfolio

and follow-up on general accounting matters.


March 2009 – May 2009 Codan/TryggHansa, Copenhagen/Stockholm

Join the team responsible for business analyzes to be used for the implementation of a new common

Nordic claims system for Codan and TryggHansa, based on TryggHansa's current system.

Analyzing TryggHansa's claims system and change requirements from

Codan for the new claims system.


February 2007 Købstædernes Forsikring, Copenhagen

Analyzes of business procedures and systems. Description of deliveries from the reinsurance

department, with the aim of introducing new procedures and optimizing resources.

Optimizing guidelines for tasks and documentation of reconciliation and priorities for the future operations.


May 2004 Codan Forsikring A/S, Copenhagen

Analyzes of a specific run-off portfolio, and implementation of a commutation project.

Follow up on assets and liabilities and set-up of new business procedures.


December 2003 – April 2004 Alka Forsikring A/S, Taastrup

As part of the general improvement of efficiency I analyzed, cleaned up and implemented new

business procedures. At the same time I produced retrocession accounting, commutation and

follow-up on the annual accounting.


November 2003 Codan Forsikring A/S, Copenhagen

Analysis and conversion of the company’s Singapore run-off portfolio.


May – October 2003 Allianz/Nordeuropa, Taastrup

Analyzes of the company’s portfolio of fronting policies with the aim to carry out run-off.

Production of retrocession accounts and follow-up on assets and liabilities.


June 2002 – April 2003 Tryg-Baltica International A/S, Ballerup

Reviewing and updating of accounting principles. At the same time I worked out new adjusted workflow

descriptions for the reinsurance system SICSnt as well as procedures for calculation of premium- and loss reserves.

Due to heavy workload in a period of time, I also worked in their department for reinsurance administration.

Finally I produced new business procedures and implemented a commutation project.


September 2000 – November 2001 GE Frankona, London

After the takeover of Eagle Star, the company asked me to lead the analyses and the conversion of the

incoming business part and the retrocession part from the legacy system to SCS 7.1.

This included adjustment of reference data and relations to outside systems.


February – July 2000 Partner Re, Zürich

Participation in the analyses of their current underwriting systems in order to document their ‘As is processes’ and

work out ’To be processes’ – the global preliminary efforts going on before conversion of the systems in

Zurich, Paris and New York into SICSnt.


December 1999 – January 2000 Zürich Re, Zürich

Zürich Re asked me to perform a ’health check’ of the underwriting part of their processes of migrating to SICSnt.


January – November 1999 ERC Frankona, Munich

I took part in the team migrating SICS 7.X and 7.1 in parallel to SICSnt. In addition to my responsibilities

of the Underwriting part I analyzed the structure and architecture of both systems including reference

data in order to write the necessary documentation.


February – December 1998 CSC International, Aarau

Responsible for the conversion of the underwriting part

(Treaty and Facultative) from local system ‘Writasure’ to SICS 7.X


November 1997 – January 1998 CSC International, Aarau

Responsible for testing in connection with the development of SICS, primarily for

their clients Hannover Re and Swiss Re.


October 1997 Gensam A/S, Aarhus

I was asked to work out an analysis on behalf of 23 Danish mutual Insurance Companies.

It was my task to analyze the quality and appropriateness of the reinsurance part of their common system.

At the same time I prepared descriptions and general documentation of items expected to be produced

by the system for the reinsurance market.


September 1996 – August 1997 ERC Frankona Management Service, Munich

I took part in the conversion team in Aachener Rück. The task was to convert the data

of the local system named ARIS to SICS 6.4, the Reinsurance system of ERC.

I was responsible for the treaty part and the claims.


July – August 1996 ERC Frankona, Munich

I was contacted by ERC, Munich in order to take hand of the presentation of SICS for the new

established ERC Australian business unit. I hosted a two weeks seminar for the Australian staff and

the supporting group of ERC in Kansas. Simultaneously I worked out a tool for administration of long-tail

claims for Alka Forsikring - a top six Insurance Company in Denmark.


1985 – 1996 Employed by Swiss Re (ex. BN-re, Employers Re), Copenhagen


Received ‘Chairman’s Award’ in 1996.


ERC International A/S, Copenhagen

Was the biggest Reinsurance player in the Scandinavian market,

and my primary occupation was to quote non-proportional protection programs, work out the economical

consequences of optimizing proportional programs, as well as exposing the interaction between the two

forms of reinsurance. I performed as 'Leading Reinsurer' for a large number of the biggest clients of ERC.

After more than 10 years with ERC International A/S, I formed my own company 'CT Consult' based on the

idea of offering a wide range of reinsurance services to the Scandinavian insurance and reinsurance markets.


Received ‘Chairman’s Award’ in 1995.

I developed a Reinsurance Presentation Program called ‘Reinsurance System Plan’ which became an

official product of ERC International.

Appointed as Property & Casualty Underwriter.

Received ‘Chairman’s Award’ in 1994

Appointed as Assitant Property & Casualty Underwriter in 1993.


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